Z Love Dollar J1 Investment Instrument

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The Z Bond J1 is designed to produce love dollars
for use in the ZRelationship monetary system.
The Value of the Z Bond J1 is backed by the value
and quality of the bond holder’s love relationships
over a 1 year period.
The value of the printed love dollars is backed by the quality of a love relationship between the owner
and another person according to the current interest rate.Z Love Dollar J1 Bond & Contract,
Leather Binder & Gold Leaf,
Bond: Pigment Print & Gold Leaf,
Contract: Pencil on Paper & Gold Leaf,
28cm x 20cm,
Paris, 2013,Z Love Dollar J1 Sheet (54 bills),
Faux Engraving on handmade paper,
142 cm x 101 cm,
Paris, 2013,



Z Love Dollar J1 Bill detail,
Faux Engraving, Euro Size,

Z Love Dollar J1Love Dollar J1 Detail